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Obama: White man in black

by on Jan.08, 2013, under News Events

Tue Jan 8, 2013 7:25PM
By Zaher Mahruqi

If I could ask him one question face to face, I would look him right in the eye and ask: Do you always say what you really believe or simply say what you think is believable Mr. OBAMA?”

The fact of the matter is that it was hard not to notice that the man made history by becoming the first black president in any predominantly white country in history; Let alone the arguably strongest nation ever.

Two times Time magazine’s man of the year, a Nobel price laureate and many more varied awards and recognitions, judging from his achievements, Obama’s rise to stardom has evidently much to do with his race more so than anything else. In fact, he received the acknowledgments before doing anything practical to the direction of piece or prosperity for all.To his credit, he broke a seemingly unbreakable barrier and the breakthrough gave a world in distress a great deal of hope. His slogans of “yes we can” and “change we can believe in” and his speeches promising global reconciliation gave people hope, a great deal of it.Particularly the black continent expected so much from Mr. Obama. With a black president, Africa hoped that America’s involvement in its affairs would be wider and more thorough. That was not to be the case however as it was years as president before he even set foot on the black part of the continent. He did visit Kenya, his father’s land, as a senator only as a campaign stop over in order to secure the votes of African Americans.

Since he started his presidency support given to Africa has not changed and most of the support Africa receives today had been laid out before Obama took office.

Obama didn’t give hope only to Africa but to others who are oppressed or in pursuit of justice. His speech in Cairo in which for the first time ever an American president quoted verses from the Quran made the man a figure that could finally bring justice to the Palestinians plight.

That too didn’t materialize, in fact, it is at its worst point ever and the Zionists have been mocking Obama on regular basis. The latest was the post-bombardment of Gaza approval of thousands of illegal settlements at the very instance Obama was calling for the halting of settlement activities.

Obama is a good guy, make no mistake about it. At the very least he seems committed to his wife and family and the tears he shed following the New Town massacres of children portrayed a very sensitive man indeed. The only problem is that he seems to tear up only for American children whose parents are responsible for voting him into the white house.

Palestinian children in Gaza who face blockade and even Israel’s missiles do not seem to touch him all that much. The children of Africa who lack almost everything from food, medicine to education too don’t seem to provoke sympathy in Mr. Obama, let alone tears. To add a verse to the poem, the children of Syria are hungry, bloodied and facing a harsh winter in open plain and instead of tears, Mr. Obama is busy sending arms to the rebellion. That is hardly the characteristic of a man of peace.

Why has a man whom people compared to Gandhi, Mandela and the likes has miserably disappointed almost everyone? Why a man whose ancestors suffered centuries of oppression seemingly oblivious to the plight of the oppressed? It has become almost understandable that white America and white presidents are sympathetic to the Zionists but OBAMA!!! That is hard to believe.

The reason is simple. THE MAN IS WEAK. Obama’s main weakness lays in his major strength and that is his ability to deliver spotless speeches. The gap between Obama’s spiritual-like speeches and his deeds is almost unbridgeable.

Beyond the widening of extra judicial killings by the way of drones, the man has no independent foreign policy to speak of. He is simply following what his predecessors left behind. For example, Obama would kiss the bottoms of the leaders of AIPAC at every opportunity granted to him just as his predecessors did.

In the eyes of the Zionists and the otherwise racists and hateful, he is playing the game the right way. To the contrary, Obama has said too much on the Palestinian issue and yet his record by the way of deeds could be even worse than that of Bush in that regard.

Other matters remaining unchanged in spite of the most preferred tune of Obama, the tune of change, are the antagonisms against Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Iran, and Russia and in fact they are heating up under his watch.

Perhaps the legacy he would leave behind is having been president during the assassination of Osama bin Laden which too has been in the works even before Obama thought of running for president. Other legacy he would leave behind is that he would be remembered as the person who was so remote from the expectations of the world.

If he continues the same way in his second term, he would be remembered as a man who said more of what he thought would sound believable than what he actually believed. As such he might be considered a good politician but as a good fellow that is another question.

Obama has come long ways from his humble origins in Kenya and was granted a rare opportunity to bring the world the changes he preached but sadly four years plus later that doesn’t sound like the path Obama is pursuing.

He seems more interested in keeping the status quo. One wonders what would his grandmother who slaughtered a cow to honor his second term win think of him and whether he is even interested in helping her live a more dignified life and one wonders what his root land thinks of him.

If I could ask him one question face to face, I would look him right in the eye and ask: Do you always say what you really believe or simply say what you think is believable Mr. OBAMA?


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