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Never mock and scoff at what you do not have the heart to do!!

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China picks the Bear/End time update!!!

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part 3 3115

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Church Coons Will Not Wake Up

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Church Coons Will Not Wake Up

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RE-UPLOAD: The LORDS Blessing and Prayers (Passover/Lashawan Qadash)

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Originally from GMSBholdiComeQUICKLY… How to say the prayers for the passover.

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How The Rockefellers Re-Engineered Women

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By Henry Makow PhD

Feminism is an excellent example of how the Rockefeller mega cartel uses the awesome power of the mass media (i.e. propaganda.) to control society.

In 40 short years, many women have lost touch with their natural loving instincts. Consequently, the family is in disarray, sexual depravity is rampant and birth rates have plummeted.

I’ll expand on the Rockefeller’s role, but first we need to remember that for a woman, love is an instinctive act of self-sacrifice.

She gives herself to her husband and children and is fulfilled by seeing them thrive and receiving their love, respect and gratitude.

A woman makes this supreme sacrifice to only one man who will cherish her and provide for his family. Men instinctively want to fulfill this responsibility.

This is the essence of the heterosexual contract (i.e. marriage): female power in exchange for male power expressed as love. Sex is the symbol of this exclusive bond. Marriage and family may not be for everyone but it is the natural path for most.

Feminism has trained women to reject this model as an “old fashioned, oppressive stereotype” even though it reflects their natural instincts.

On Thursday a British writer reported overhearing two young women:

“All men are useless these days,” one said. “Yeah,” said the other. “The trouble is that they haven’t risen to the challenge of feminism. They don’t understand that we need them to be more masculine, and instead they have just copped out.”

That’s their logic? If women are less feminine, men will be more masculine? Men aren’t designed to fight with women. They need to be affirmed by a woman’s acquiescence and faith. When women constantly challenge them, men will “cop out” of marriage and family.

Now that love and marriage have been “discredited,” women have nothing left to exchange for love but sex. Thus, many are unnaturally obsessed with appearance and pathetically give their bodies to all and sundry.

Permanent love is not based on a woman’s sex appeal, or personality or achievements. Ultimately, it is based on self-sacrifice. We love the people who love us.


People do not realize that feminism is mass indoctrination because they cannot identify the perpetrator, the means or the motive.

Recently Aaron Russo, the producer of Bette Middler’s movies and “America: From Freedom to Fascism” identified all three confirming what I have been saying.

(See this shocking 14 minute interview excerpt)

While trying to recruit Russo for the CFR, Nicholas Rockefeller told him that his family foundation created women’s liberation using mass media control as part of a long-term plan to enslave humanity. He admitted they want to “chip us.” Google “Rockefeller Foundation” and “Women’s Studies” and you’ll get a half million citations.

The hidden goal of feminism is to destroy the family, which interferes with state brainwashing of the young. Side benefits include depopulation and widening the tax base. Displacing men in the role of providers also destabilizes the family.

A drastic paradigm shift is required to make sense of the world. The Rockefellers are part of the private central banking cartel that also controls media, defence, pharmaceutical and other cartels. To protect their monopoly of credit and wealth, they are instituting a world police state (“world government”) using the bogus 9-11 attack and endless war as a pretext. Rockefeller told Russo about this plan a year before 9-11.

The poet Charles Peguy said, “Everything begins in faith and ends in politics.” The banking cartel needs a philosophy to justify enchaining mankind. That philosophy is Satanism. The cartel controls the world through a network of occult societies linked to Freemasonry, Communism, the Vatican and organized Jewry (Bnai Brith, ADL, AJC, Zionism.) The highest occult rank is known as the Illuminati.

Modern Western culture is based on Freemasonry, which teaches that man, and not God determines reality. (Naturally, they need to overrule natural and spiritual laws in order to assert their own control.) They have noticed that people are diffident and malleable creatures who prefer to believe what they are told than rely on their own perception. Thus the media successfully promotes homosexual values that conflict with our natural instincts.


Every facet of the mass media (movies, TV, magazines, music, commercials, news) is used for social control with the ultimate goal of enslavement. There is a direct connection between what happened in Communist Russia and what is happening in America today. In both cases the central banking cartel is asserting totalitarian control.

The mass media’s function is to distract us from this, and the imminent Iran war and North American Union. Currently the diversion is the global warming fracas.

In order to destroy the family, the media convinced women they could not rely on the heterosexual contract.

Myrna Blyth was the editor in chief of “Ladies Home Journal” from 1981 to 2002. In her book /”Spin Sisters”/ (2004) she says the media sold women “a career in exactly the same drum banging way that the Happy Homemaker had been sold to their mothers.” (38)

The Illuminati undermined women’s natural loving instincts using the following mantras:

1. *Men can no longer be trusted.* Using the “Lifetime Network” as an example, Blyth concluded “all men are 1) unfaithful rats 2) abusive monsters 3) dishonest scumbags, or 4) all of the above. Women on the other hand were…ubervictims [or] flinty achievers who triumph despite the cavemen who…want to keep them in their place.” (62-63)

2. *Women are victims by virtue of their sex.* Blyth says the media sends “one message loud and clear. Because we are women, we remain victims in our private lives, at work, in society as a whole.” (156) Thus women must have a sense of grievance, entitlement and rebellion. The same tactic was used to manipulate Jews, Blacks, workers and gays. (See my “Victim as Moral Zombie”)

3. *Women should be selfish.* “Liberation and narcissism have merged,” Blyth says. Leisure now means, “time for yourself, spent alone, or perhaps with one’s girlfriends but definitely without spouse and kids…Endless articles preached the new feminist gospel, that indulging yourself is an important part of being a healthy, well adjusted woman.” (65)

4. *Sex is not reserved for love and marriage.* Magazines like Glamour and Cosmopolitan urge young women to “put out on their first date,” ogle men openly” and be an athlete in bed. There is no discussion of marriage or family. (160) Such women will not be able to trust any man enough to surrender themselves.

5. *Self-fulfillment lies in career success and not husband and family.* “The social rewards of holding down a job are critical to one’s sense of dignity and self worth,” Betty Friedan pontificated. In fact, “most work is deeply ordinary,” Blyth observes (35-36). (I’m not saying women can’t have jobs, only they shouldn’t be tricked out of having families if they want them.)

Thus many women are schizophrenic as they attempt to reconcile their natural instincts with a constant exhortation to do the opposite. The wreckage — broken families and dysfunctional people — is strewn everywhere.

At the same time, Playboy Magazine etc. aimed a similar message at men. You don’t need to get married to have sex. Marriage and children are a bore.


The consistent media drumbeat is organized brainwashing. Society has been totally subverted by the central banking cartel using a Satanic cult, Freemasonry, to select its lackeys. Most masons are unaware of this truth but the owners of the mass media know first-hand.

We used to say, “as American as motherhood and apple pie.” Only Satanists would trash motherhood. Far from empowering women, feminism has unsexed many. It has deprived them of a secure and honored role and reduced them to sex objects and replaceable workers.

Luciferians promote rebellion because they are defying what is natural and healthy. Like their symbol, Lucifer, they wish to play God.

God’s love can be seen in a woman’s dedication to her husband and children. Thus the bankers must destroy it.

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Feminism’s Destruction of Society With The Help of The CIA and Gloria Steinem

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2014 MTV Video Music Awards - ShowWhat follows is a fact sheet about Gloria Steinem’s operations against the various social and political movements in America, particularly her role in creating a hateful and virulent strain of Black feminism that attacks Black men while partnering with the white establishment.

Gloria Steinem first came across the radar of Black men in 1978 when Steinem put a book called “Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman” on the cover of Ms. Magazine, the magazine which she controlled. The book was “written” by a Black “feminist” and “activist” named Micele Wallace who came out of nowhere. Wallace was in her early twenties at the time, yet she was being touted as the “leader” of Black feminism. In the book, Wallace called abolitionists like Harriet Tubman and Sojouner Truth “ugly” and “stupid” for supporting Black men. She called Black Revolutionaries “chauvinist macho pigs” and advised Black women to “go it alone.” Gloria Steinem said that Wallace’s book would “define the future of Black relationships” and she pushed hard to make sure the book received massive publicity. Gloria Steinem’s work triggered a flood of “Hate Black Men” books and films that continues to this day. Needless to say, some were quite suspicious of Ms. Magazine and Gloria Steinem. Why was Steinem sticking her nose into the affairs of the Black community? So people started doing some research on Steinem. When it came out that Gloria Steinem was probably the ghost writer of the book with Michele Wallace’s name on it, Wallace had a nervous breakdown and went into hiding for two years. However, the damage was already done and the “Hate Black Men” movement was off and running. But the research into Gloria Steinem’s background continued. What follows is the findings of many different researchers.

BOTTOM LINE: The so-called “Black Feminist” movement was created and manipulated by the CIA from the very beginning. The only difference between Black Revolutionaries and Black Feminist on this issue is that the Black Revolutionaries KNOW they were infiltrated and manipulated—But Black Feminist are still unwilling to admit that they were infiltrated and manipulated, largely because they are highly invested in the hateful brand of Black feminism. As a result, the “Hate Black Men” movement has become MORE THAN just a political point a view: It is now a central part of the CULTURE of Black women and this fact has led to the destruction of the Black Revolution and the complete distortion of Black relationships. And the CIA had a direct hand in creating this situation.

The FACTS surrounding Gloria Steinem’s CIA operations follow:

FACT: Gloria Steinem is a CIA Agent and everything she has ever done throughout her adult life has been under the direction of the CIA.

FACT: Gloria Steinem was recruited into the CIA before she even graduated high school.

FACT: Gloria Steinem, who was from a poor and dysfunctional family and lived in a house without running water, was able to attend the elite and expensive Smith College. After she graduated she spent two years in India spying for the CIA. She received a “Chester Bowles Student Fellowship” to “study” in India. This was a Fellowship created by the CIA to cover Steinem’s expenses in India—no one has received a “Cheater Bowles Student Fellowship” either before or since Steinem received one.

FACT: One of Gloria Steinem’s first missions for the CIA was to manipulate the student movement (most people are STILL unaware that the National Student Association was created, funded and manipulated by the CIA). Steinem did this by organizing “student festivals” in Europe in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Steinem used the “student festivals” to spy on students for the CIA and she likely used the festivals to recruit new agents for the CIA. A second and more successful mission was to shift the orientation of the “woman’s movement” and splinter the Black Revolution of the 1960’s.

FACT: In 1958, Cord Meyer, head of the CIA’s International Organizations division (IO), had a plan. The Agency would provide discreet funding to an “informal group of activists” who would constitute themselves as an alternative American delegation to the festival. The CIA would not only pay their way but also assist them to distribute books and publish a newspaper in Vienna. Among other individuals, Meyer and his colleagues hired Gloria Steinem to work with them. Steinem had recently returned from a two-year stint in India.

FACT: In 1958, Steinem was recruited by CIA’s Cord Meyers to direct the “informal group of activists” now called the “Independent Research Service.” This was part of Meyer’s “Congress for Cultural Freedom,” which created magazines like “Encounter” and “Partisan Review” to promote a left-liberal chic to oppose Marxism. It was this operation that Steinem’s “student festivals” was a part of. Besides spying on students, Steinem also acted as an agent provocateur, helping to provoke riots.

FACT: Commenting on the CIA-controlled “student festivals” organized by Gloria Steinem, Sheila Tobias, an unwitting participant on one such trip (who later taught women’s studies at Cornell University), said the CIA: “was interested in spying on the American delegates to find out who in the United States was a Trotskyite or Communist. So we were a front, as it turned out.” (quoted by Marcia Cohen in the Sisterhood, 1988)

FACT: Further information of Steinem’s CIA operations: Working through C.D. Jackson and Cord Meyer, Steinem set up an organization in Cambridge, Massachusetts called the Independent Service for Information on the Vienna Youth Festival. She obtained tax-exempt status, and Jackson helped her raise contributions from various American corporations, including the American Express Company (a documented CIA money laundering operation). But most of the money came from the CIA, to be managed by Jackson in a “special account.” The entire operation cost in the range of $85,000, a considerable amount in those years.

FACT: Gloria Steinem was considered a CIA “whiz kid.” A CIA Operative named Samuel Walker, who made a career out of publishing and became president of Walker & Co. (a New York City publishing firm founded in the same year as the CIA funded Publications Development Corporation) worked well with Steinem.

Walker evaluated Gloria Steinem’s contribution to the CIA operations thusly:

“Gloria’s group continues to do yeoman service, distributing books etc. to the point where the cry has gone up ‘Never before have so many Young Republicans distributed so much Socialist literature with such zeal.’” Walker praised Steinem’s “female intuition” and wrote, “Gloria is all you said she was, and then some. She is operating on 16 synchronized cylinders and has charmed the natives….” (C.D. Jackson to Cord Meyer, 7/14/59, with attached Walker diary; Walker to Jackson, 7/31/59, DDE.) In other words, Gloria Steinem was NOT a naive dupe of the CIA, she was a highly motivated agent who took her own initiative to move against fellow students for the CIA.

FACT: Gloria Steinem’s name keeps showing up in projects associated with CIA operations. For example (From Kai Bird’s “The Chairman: John J. McCloy and the Making of the American Establishment”, New York: Simon & Schuster, 199: pp. 483-84, 727): In the summer of 1959, just before McCloy took his family for an extended trip to Europe, C.D. Jackson wrote to remind McCloy that later that summer a World Youth Festival was scheduled to take place in Vienna. Jackson asked McCloy to contribute a propaganda article. The piece would appear in a daily newspaper to be published in Vienna in conjunction with the festival. McCloy agreed, and the article was published (in five languages) in a newspaper distributed by a twenty-five-year-old Smith graduate named Gloria Steinem.

**This is a “student” publication: How was it published in five languages? Well the CIA did it, of course!!

FACT: When this covert operation was revealed by Ramparts magazine in 1967, Steinem told The New York Times that she approved the Agency’s role. “I was happy to find some liberals in government in those days who were far-sighted and cared enough to get Americans of all political views to the Festival.” Steinem’s definition of a “liberal” then included such young men as Zbigniew Brzezinski, an assistant professor at Harvard. Steinem arranged to fund Brzezinski’s visit to the “student festival.” Brzezinki would later become the National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) and he was the man who invented the so-called “Bear Trap” which suckered the Soviet Union into invading Afghanistan. Brzezinski was also the man who first organized and funded Osama Bin Laden’s “Jihad” against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Gloria Steinem also identified and targeted Alice Walker in the early 1960’s. She befriended Alice Walker and paid for Alice Walker to come to the CIA-manipulated “student festival” in Vienna. Alice Walker would later become the foremost writer of anti-Black male hate books— all of which were funded by money funneled to her publishers by the CIA.

FACT: Steinem has boasted in interviews with the NY Times and the Washington Post (in 1967) that her training with the CIA was “good journalistic training” because the CIA “taught you to be accurate.” This statement proves that Steinem was happy to collect money working for the CIA.

FACT: Gloria Steinem worked with Carlos Bringier, the anti-castro Cuban who staged the famous WDSU interview with Lee Harvey Oswald.

FACT: Gloria Steinem dated J. Stanley Pottinger for nine years. Pottinger was in charge of sabotaging civil rights enforcement at the Justice Department (he was assistant attorney general) under President Nixon and President Ford. According to Donald Freed & Fred Landis in their book “Death in Washington”, J Stanly Pottinger also helped to cover up the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Orlando Letelier. Pottinger also publicly defended Gloria Steinem against charges of CIA involvement—which Steinem had already admitted. Why would a “radical feminist” like Gloria Steinem be anywhere near a guy like Pottinger, unless she was a government employee herself?

FACT: Gloria Steinem dated Henry Kissinger—a international war criminal, establishment technocrat, and a long time CIA operative—for years. Why would a “radical feminist” date someone who was considered a mass murderer by EVERYONE in the movement? You be the judge.

FACT: One of the principle stockholders in Gloria Steinem’s Ms. Magazine was Catherine Graham. In the book “Catherine The Great” by Deborah Davis, the longstanding involvement of Graham publishing empire (which includes The Washington Post and Newsweek) with the CIA was documented hat considerable length.

FACT: Gloria Steinem has lied often about her career and where she gets her money. For example: she received money to start Ms. Magazine from the right-wing millionaire publisher (he publishes the racist New York Daily News) and real estate magnate Mortimer Zuckerman. Steinem lied to Vanity Fair, claiming that Zuckerman’s provided no money for Ms. Magazine. But columnist Liz Smith revealed that Zuckerman had put $1.2 million into Ms. Magazine and sent his executives to help as well. Why did Steinem lie about this? Because her funding by racists, right wingers, and CIA agents would damage her “feminist credentials.” And there has NEVER been an adequate explanation of the original funding for Ms. Magazine nor for the rapid acceptance of feminist propaganda by the mass media in the early Seventies. No radical movement has ever spread with the speed of feminism, which went from little or no organization and acceptance to total domination in less than two years. Obviously, it did touch very deep frustrations in American women, but it is difficult to avoid the fact that the existing movement was manipulated very effectively to channel these frustrations to the benefit of the business community and the detriment of women, children, families and especially Black men.

FACT: Gloria Steinem’s fake literary career was conceived and executed by the CIA’s “Matrix Operatives.” One of Steinem’s CIA colleagues was Clay Felker. In the early 1960’s, he became an editor at Esquire and published articles by Steinem which established her as a leading voice for the CIA-manipulated “Feminist Movement.” In 1968, as publisher of New York Magazine, Felker hired Steinem as a contributing editor, and then editor of Ms. Magazine in 1971. Warner Communications (a known CIA front) put up almost all the money although it only took 25% of the stock. Ms. Magazine’s first publisher was Elizabeth Forsling Harris, a CIA-connected PR executive who planned John Kennedy’s Dallas motorcade route. Despite its anti establishment image, MS magazine attracted advertising from the cream of corporate America. It published ads for ITT (a CIA-supported corporation which helped engineer “Operation Chaos” in Chile which led to the CIA overthrow of a democratically elected government).

FACT: When N.Y. Times reporters confronted Steinem with documentation of her connections to the CIA and CIA funding of her various activities, Steinem remarked that she got caught because CIA wasn’t tricky enough. Hinting that CIA should have made better use of front companies, Steinem remarked:

“The CIA’s big mistake was not supplanting itself with private funds fast enough.” By the time Steinem founded Ms. Magazine, the CIA had learned how to funnel money through private individuals and corporations. That’s how Steinem was able to fund Ms. Magazine. Her CIA funding was so substantial, that Steinem was able to do the unprecedented: She stopped accepting advertising for Ms. Magazine. She didn’t need any more advertising: Because CIA money has been keeping her expensively produced magazine afloat from the very beginning.

FACT: Gloria Steinem had the (CIA) power to successfully censor three different publications (the book “The Feminist Revolution,” a “Village Voice” article, and a New York community newspaper article). All three’ publications documented Steinem’s involvement with the CIA. Nevertheless a story about Steinem’s CIA connections appeared in the “Village Voice” on May 21, 1979.

FACT: An organization of radical white feminists called “Red Stockings” outed Gloria Steinem as a CIA agent. When Red Stockings tried to publish a book called “Feminist Revolution” in 1979 with a chapter that detailed Steinem’s CIA connections, Steinem and her powerful CIA-connected friends forced Random House to delete the chapter on Steinem. Nevertheless the chapter on Steinem’s CIA connections appeared in the “Village Voice” on May 21, 1979, but only after the “Village Voice” had been threatened by Steinem’s lawyers. The book “Feminist Revolution” is still available. You can buy the censored version from Redstockings for $8.00. For $4.00 (or free if you buy “Feminist Revolution”), you get the censored section which contains detailed material on Steinem’s early work with the CIA, and an account of how this story was censored after originally being scheduled for publication. Who were the powerful people who put pressure on Random House, the “Village Voice” and Red Stockings on Steinem’s behalf? Catherine Graham, publisher of the Washington Post (Graham is a known CIA agent—see the book “Catherine the Great” by Deborah Davis), Franklyn (uncle) Thomas of the Ford Foundation (The Ford Foundation is a documented funnel for CIA funds), and Warner Communications (a Ms. Magazine stock holder and CIA propaganda company)

FACT: Since the middle of World War II, the U.S. intelligence establishment has spent billions of dollars researching mind control techniques and inventing mind control technology. Thousands of people were kidnapped, drugged, hypnotized and tortured as a part of the CIA’s mind control research and field testing. Many of these victims began surfacing in the 1980’s.

These victims were having strange dreams and flashbacks. This was dangerous for the CIA because their mind control operations could be exposed. So the CIA created, funded and controlled a number of organizations that floated the idea that these victims were suffering from strange dreams and flashbacks BECAUSE THEY HAD BEEN SEXUALLY ABUSED BY THEIR PARENTS AS CHILDREN AND HAD REPRESSED THOSE MEMORIES. This would become the perfect way of mis-directing the search for who really victimized these people. Strangely enough, Gloria Steinem teamed up with Ted Gunderson to forment the “Satanic child abuse” hysteria as a way to help cover-up the CIA’s mind control experiments on human beings. [Gunderson once bragged about being one of the top FBI COINTELPRO supervisors during the wipe out of the Black Panther Party in the ‘60s and ‘70s.] For the inside story on Steinem’s operations with Gunderson read “Satan’s Silence: Ritual Abuse and the Making of a Modern Witch Hunt” by Debbie Nathan and Michael Snedeker (1995).

FACT: In 1975 Gloria Steinem two important feminist leaders, Carol Hanisch and Kathie Sarachild, again accused Steinem of working for the CIA and directing the movement toward moderation and capitulation. Steinem ignored the accusations, hoping they would go away, but then noted feminist Betty Friedan implied that “a paralysis of leadership” in the movement “could be due to the CIA” and she demanded that Steinem respond. After three months, Steinem wrote a six-page letter to feminist publications describing her work with the CIA. “I naively thought then that the ultimate money source didn’t matter” wrote Steinem, aiming to dispel the charge that she was a government operative. However, the government WAS INDEED keeping tabs on the feminist movement through female informants paid by the FBI and CIA and Steinem was a part of that. See “THE WORLD SPLIT OPEN: How the Modern Women’s Movement Changed America” By Ruth Rosen.

FACT: Here’s a list of how the kind of feminism advocated by Gloria Steinem has actually BENEFITED the business community when it pushed women into the work place:

• Women work for less (and Black women work for A LOT LESS).
• Women are more docile and less likely to deviate from company policies (and Black women are the most docile workers of all).
• Women are less likely to join labor unions.
• By increasing the size of the labor pool, women created more competition for jobs thus reducing wages.
• More female workers means more pussy for the boss (Black female executives are notorious for being “passed around” among white executives—mainly because their low self-esteem makes them think that such “attention” is a compliment. Do you know any white male executives? Talk to them when you get a chance. They use the term “instant pussy” when referring to the Black female executives in their companies.).
• In two-income families, one person is more likely to work part-time or as a temporary, such workers get paid less and they don’t get benefits.
• Taking children away from their mothers at an early age tends to increase their anxiety levels and results in higher rates of tension-relieving consumption as they grow up (and Black folks have become SUPER consumers, especially Black women).
• The loss of women’s household services increases purchases of various forms of fatty fast foods, which have higher profit levels than home-cooked meals (this has particularly affected Black women: their blubber index has skyrocketed).

(Jeremiah 31:22)  How long wilt thou go about, O thou backsliding daughter? for the Lord hath created a new thing in the earth, A woman shall compass a man.


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